Welcome to the Drumline page, a collection of pictures from various years of Waco High Drumline. There will be some content from TAMU, so they have a section that may be filled out in the future.

As this is a free site, it will slowly be updated from time to time, but it will be done. Future updates will include recordings of performances and possibly a video or two.

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Waco High

At the Drum-a-thon


Lion Beat time New Drums!

Nolan Buro, honorary member of drumline.

Pit crew

This one doesn't deserve a name.

Snare line

Star Wars dueling stage

Jeff Sutherland, the man who kept the whole thing from crashing and burning!

Full line in red (except for Kenneth, of course)

Tha Tenors Lamar Young / Kenneth Sims

On the track

After game


Alex also

Pre game gathering

Bass line in the gym.

Full drumline

Reno close-up

David Jones, our drum major.

Food! From left to right: Reno Tandy, Erin Plemons, Nick Brown, Alex Vergara

Nick, bass 5

Inside rehearsal

Inside 2

Bass Drum Line

more inside

Karen close-up


Lunch time!


Nick also

Pep rally


field shenanigans

old man collapsing due to lack of spine

Some of the rest of the band

Would still look crazy without the hat.

The new drums!

In the stands

Reno on the new snare, Burch in the background.

Snare line

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The Pit

Setup for Percussion Bash

Karen and Adam

Pit Camp


24Hour Drum-a-thon at Waco Walmart

On the bus

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